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Shakin Steven in the 1950s?


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Feb 5, 2011
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Call it "alternate reality" but I think things would have turned out interesting if Shakin Stevens had have his years of fame during the 50s, and that while still being young.
He's now only known to have scored a number of hits in UK and other European countries, but this happened 30 years after the decade of rock 'n roll.

Hot Dog, Marie Marie, This Ole House, You Drive Me Crazy, Green Door, It's Raining, Oh Julie, Shirley, Give Me Your Heart Tonight, I'll Be Satisfied, It's Late, Cry Just A Little Bit, A Rockin' Good Way, A Love Worth Waiting For, A Letter To You, Teardrops, Lipstick Powder & Paint, Because I Love You....
Some songs were bigger hits than others.

As a teen idol, Shakin Stevens would have outmatched Tommy Steele during that time. Cliff Richard too.
Would have made it even bigger if he was American and not British.
Up there with the other rock gigants of the decade? Or an obscure rockabilly artist? Or a pretty teeny bopper and no rebel at all?
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Maybe Shakin' Stevens doesn't have what it takes, that he lacks the voice, to give Elvis a run for the money? Maybe he's just an "Elvis light" and the King would still have been the same?

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