Skull Cowboy footage from The Crow on YouTube

They need to come out with a better special edition with a newly remastered anamorphic widescreen with DTS and a butt load of special features with these scenes and more deleted scenes. That was pretty wild.
Wow. Looked good. But I don't remember him from the comic(s). Was he even in it?
I did not like that. I liked it better when he was made mortal because the crow was killed. The voice was pretty bad too. It sounded like he was talking through his teeth. Im sure it would have been edited for the final cut though.
The Crow wasn't killed though, it was just shot.
That was pretty cool. They can change the dialogue since they don't focus on either. The skull cowboy's voice sounded like that because he was talking through the make up. Im pretty sure they would re-record the voice lines with a creepy sounding voice in post-production.
It's facinating to see something like The Crow, which to me seems set in stone, and then find out there's more to it. Skull Cowboy was in two or three scenes, I think.
Ive seen this footage on the DVD that i have. But its still nice to watch.
This stuff was actually on the Crow CD-rom from about 10 years ago (which I still have somewhere)

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