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Comics Solo X-Books


Feb 25, 2002
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Imagine every X-Man suddenly gets their own solo ongoing book, which books would you buy and which books would you not buy?

I'd buy Storm, for obvious reasons, Beast, who might have some interesting stories if there is a proper writer behind it (like Busiek) and tons of Avengers guest stars, and Xavier, I'd love to see a book about Charles alone, travelling the world in the search of new mutants or something like that.

The ones I wouldn't buy? Iceman, Colossus and Cyclops, I don't truly care about the first two and I doubt there'll ever be an interesting story for either of them. Summers, I just hate him :p
I always thought a Havok book would do well. Shadowcat or Sage would be intersting as a S.H.I.E.L.D spies. I would like to see a return of Dazzler solo book. Storm could be good if they gave her something new to deal with. Beast and Professor X also have a lot of potentail.
I dont like solo books. I prefer ensembles. I might buy just to check out my favorite character but solo books usually dont hold my interest
With the X-Men, I think duo books would work a lot better. Say Nightcrawler & Wolverine teaming up every month. How awesome would that be?
^Another Wolverine book? I get he's super popular, but I can just crawl in my happy place and forget another Logan-related book is out. But I do like the idea. Like Kitty and Peter duo book, exploring the wonders of kama sutra. Hey one position in an issue could go a long way for them. There's how many positions???? J/k.:p

Anyway, solos are good too, they are kinda good for characters who don't get a lot of spotlight in ensemble books. But I don't want them to be retcons/flashbacks (Emma/Storm) but I want them to be adventures in their current status.

Hmmm...I would definitely buy Sage's solo book. Storm, if they can ever hire a decent writer for her. I want Gambit's to continue, also a Rogue solo book. Plus a Psylocke one and an Emma one too (but minus Scott, want her to be independent and free. Want to see more of her wild days, I know it's like a flashback or something, but let's put it in another reality or whatever where she has no husband, she will totally rock teh biatch.)

Those I wouldn't buy? Vulcan, Iceman (unless it's Iceman and Guthrie then I'M IN!!!!!), Wolverine (lol).
Whats wrong with Iceman everybody!!!!!!!! :cmad: A solo book for him would rock....
I have a solo story of Iceman in the X-Men: Rarities tpb, which was originally printed in Marvel Comics Presents I think, or maybe in the old Classic X-Men, don't know. Point is, it's one of the worst stories I've ever read. It's almost as worst as the first Iceman limited series, it really sucks. He isn't a character that can have an interest story.
Gambit, Sabretooth, Madrox, Pete Wisdom..... I could probably think of more if I really sat and thought about it.
Whats wrong with Iceman everybody!!!!!!!! :cmad: A solo book for him would rock....
I think an Iceman solo would work if it was structured like X-factor with Bobby in the Madrox role with a small but interesting ensemble team of about 3 or 4. Its actually been a fanfic in my head for some time
Cyclops' could be interesting if it focuses on all the "behind the scenes" stuff he has to put up with to keep things running smoothly and he deals with rebellious brats who don't realize why it is things work so well.

Wolverine's book if they could get someone worth a damn to write it. No more Loeb.

Storm's book could have an interesting political bent to it since she's a head of state in addition to being an X-man.

Magneto could headline a book about him and his Acolytes.
They should have done a Quicksilver solo series with Son of M bc that was by far the best book to come out of DeciMation. I would have bought that. I preferred it to PAD's depiction of him in X-factor
I think a Storm solo X-Book could be interesting. I think her storylines in the ensemble X-Books can be kind of lame in comparison to those of her counterparts.
A great creative team could make any characters title good. It goes without saying that I'd definitely buy a Colossus solo (though I think it would work better as a Colossus & Kitty Pryde series). An anthology title would be good with a revolving focus on different team members. However, I think the X-men characters work better in a team book. Their stories are interesting when focusing on them as a family (same goes for F.F.)

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