some words that I favor ,in batman cartoon series


Apr 15, 2008
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You think you know everything about me, don't you?
Alfred Pennyworth: I diapered your bottom; I bloody well ought to, *sir*!

ROBIN:[as BATMAN]:"Thanks for saving my bacon,Robin!"
ROBIN:[as himself]:"Hey, no problemo,Batman!"

Dick Grayson: Alfred, do you know anything about Bruce's training in Japan?
Alfred Pennyworth: Of course, dear boy, I was there. Lovely country. I especially like the tea.
Dick Grayson: You ever hear of somebody named Kyodai Ken?
Alfred Pennyworth: Oh, indeed. He was the only student at the martial arts school who could consistently defeat Master Bruce. A bad egg, that one.
Dick Grayson: I think Bruce is worried he can't take this ninja. He won't admit it, of course.
Alfred Pennyworth: He never admits fears, Master Dick. Haven't you learned that by now?
[Alfred turns from sink, and both Dick and Alfred gasp when they see Bruce standing in the doorway wearing formalwear]
Alfred Pennyworth: Ah, Master Bruce, I-I - ah, uh, uh...
Bruce Wayne: I'll be at the museum. I should be back by midnight.
[leaves, closing the door]
Dick Grayson: Do you think he heard us?
Alfred Pennyworth: Who can tell?
Joker: "Your going to melt just like a GRILLED CHEEEEEEASE SANDWICH!"

Joker: (speaking german) "YAVOL!!"

Joker: (joker sounds) falling= YADOI! , confusion= Doe!

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