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Apr 4, 2004
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Has any one else noticed that they all look exactly the same? Mostly its the dramas: CSI, Criminal Minds, Moonlight, even those crappy new ones that no one will watch. All the same. Get some originality, for Christ sake. I mean, as if it wasnt bad enough that they couldnt do anything other than crime dramas, do all their shows have to look the same too? At least the other network dramas have some friggin diversity. Does 24 look even remotely like House? No. Does Heroes look like Friday Night lights? No. Does Lost look even remotely like Grey's Anatomy? No. Maybe I'm ranting for the sake of ranting, but thats how I see it.
CBS being the #1 viewed network always surprised me, because it seems so boring. Other than the original CSI and 60 Minutes raking in those huge ratings, it surprises me.
I don't think I've ever been into a single CBS show except for How I Met Your Mother
After they cancelled Now and Again, I stopped watching CBS on general principle. Which is kinda sad, because I've had a lot of people tell me how great How I Met Your Mother is.

Although, if Lawrence Fishburne does take over from William Peterson on CSI, I might just check it out to see if it's worth my time.
i don't really watch the CBS drama series....ok maybe a few minutes of Ghost Whisper to drool over at Jennifer Love Hewitt.:o

otherwise, i'll ocassionally watch some of the comedy series.
Honestly, I only watch CSI: Vegas, but occasionally I catch the first few minutes of something like Without a Trace or something, and I just noticed that the whole network is so monotonous (sp?)
Once in a while, CBS surprises me and lets something good slip onto their schedule. But then they correct the problem once they realize it. *Ahem**Jericho**Ahem*
The dramas to tend to "feel" the same. They are all pretty different though. I tend to watch Criminal Minds and Numbers. They're really not very similar at all as far how they're written. CBS does like their "mystery" themed shows. I think the comedies tend to blend together a little more.
Moonlight is ok. I'm actually really liking Swingtown! It's good stuff
lol. People say they don't watch CBS, but they're making such detailed opinions on the shows as if they DO watch them all. :p

For me, I don't really have an opinion on CBS because I don't watch it either. That doesn't mean that I think there's anything wrong with any of the shows on CBS. It's just that all of the shows that I DO like are on other stations. :p

The only CBS dramas I've ever watched are Threshold and Jericho.
only shows i watch price is right and numbers.i used to wach Jericho and moonlight.

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