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Coming Home
Jul 31, 2003
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Anyone picking this up?I just saw the preview in Wizard and was blown away.I'm loving Jeph loeb's and michael turner's stuff on Superman/Batman so I'm definetly picking this up.
Yup, I think a lot of people are going to be picking it up. I for sure can't wait until it comes out!
It and every other Aspen title are already on my pull list
Michael Turner and Talent Caldwell are two of my favorite artists
I hate Michael Turner but im very interested in this.
Originally posted by darthphere
I hate Michael Turner but im very interested in this.
Why do you hate Michael Turner?What is there to hate?
I just got hooked on Michael Turner's new Fathom and Soulfire comics. The artwork is amazing to say the least! I can tell he defiantly put some passion into these pictures. Does anyone know when Ekos will be coming out? I'm going to get the preview edition but I haven't seen any regularly scheduled printings of it yet.
Originally posted by venom892
Why do you hate Michael Turner?What is there to hate?

Pretty much the way he draws people. He draws all his females the with the same body type and face and all the men have the same facial features and body types. All his characters lack emotion so thats what I dont like. For example Superman/Batman #10 when theyre fighting the Doomsday clones Batman has the same face all the way through and Superman screams once and thats pretty much it. Also hes too damn good looking (according to my sister) to be working in comics.:mad:
Originally posted by darthphere
Also hes too damn good looking (according to my sister) to be working in comics.:mad:
LOL, can't argue there! :D
I'll pick this up. It does look pretty good
I have it pulled and plan on picking up the first few issues. I'm looking forward to getting Ekos though, though I don't know when.

As far as Soulfire, is either cover A or B more rare than the other. At my comic shop they had tons of cover A and only 1 remaining cover B so I put B on hold for me.
I'm getting this on friday.Also is this a mini or ongoing?

Title Soulfire 1C
Publisher Aspen
Price $3.99
Comment by Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner, & Peter Steigerwald A Previews Exclusive! You saw the exclusive preview in Wizard, you voted for it, and now it's here — the first new series from Aspen: Soulfire! Superstar artist Michael Turner and Eisner Award winning writer Jeph Loeb team up to bring you the premiere issue of a new kind of adventure series, where magic and mystery prevail, nothing is as it seems, and the fate of the universe hangs by a thread! This incredible exclusive cover — created especially for Previews! — showcases Soulfire as never before seen! Firmly securing itself as the benchmark from which all future Soulfire covers will evolve from, make sure to order your copy of the Soulfire #1 Previews Exclusive cover edition today! FC, 32pg $3.50
Originally posted by Majin Boo
Is cover C also available at store?

Thats the one I bought and my store said they only had 5 so its probably rare. Like the third AXM #1 variant.
are they those retailer incentives? if so, how much were they selling them for?
I like that cover the best too, hopefully I can find one at my store.
I got the C cover, they had a ton of each cover at my comicshop.
michael turner is one of the best in the business (as is loeb) and soulfire will be amazing. unfortuanetly i havent got my copy, but i will have it soon. and for all the other aspen title, with the lineup of talent that turner has managed to grab and the new artists who are drawing for him, it looks to be an amazing to new company. cant wait forr it all.
I couldn't find any other boards about Soulfire (the main series) so I hope this is the official one. I really like this series, I bought the hardcover of vol. 1 and was really impressed. Now I'm just patientally waiting for issue #8 to come out (which is starting to feel like Ultimates 2 & All star Batman). What are everyone elses thoughts on the series?

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