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Soviet Union 2.0 ????


Who the heck is KELLY?
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Jul 23, 2004
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Interesting article I found in "The Economist"


Russia once denounced NATO's expansion but claimed to accept the extension of the EU to its "near-abroad". Now Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, seems to regard the EU as hostile. Russia is making a rival offer: a "Eurasian Union" to counter the European one, starting with a customs union that already includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Or maybe it's the start of George Orwell's nightmare: "Eurasian union" vs "NATO" vs "Oceania" anyone :cwink:
It will be interesting to watch....
I see this mostly as posturing. Belarus is actually already in a economic/political union with Russia (the Union State), and Kazakstan, while no longer a complete satellite state, is still pretty dependent on Russia. Maybe they can get the Ukraine to join so they can afford HBO for their club house.

Seems like a desperate attempt by Putin to keep himself relevant.
Well this is the guy who resurrected a statue of Stalin...
This better not mess up RT/RT America.

Oh wait, it won't, Putin is just pumping money into that bad boy Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.

Fox News wishes it was cool like RT.

Of course, I don't watch much RT, but I do get news from them (and ABC World News) on Facebook.
Russia is so screwed up right now...it'd take a miracle for them to get out of their hole they dug for themselves.
I really feel like Russia needs to get over not being a superpower any more and just concentrate on doing what's best for their country and its citizenry.
Seems like general posturing on Putin's part.

Russia has been bullying and cajoling its former soviet states for years trying to get them to stay under Russia's sphere of influence rather than the EU's.

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