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Stiffs & Slices


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Apr 6, 2005
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Think about this next time you order delivery


thesmokinggun said:
Domino's delivery man transported pizza, corpses in same car

APRIL 27--In what will surely repulse Pennsylvanians, a Domino's delivery man used a car to transport corpses to funeral parlors when he wasn't using the vehicle to bring pies and Cheesy Bread to pizza enthusiasts. Last Friday, a Lower Southampton Township Police Department officer pulled over a 1993 Buick after noticing the vehicle did not have an inspection sticker. Additionally, William Bethel, 24, was driving with a suspended license, so cops informed him that the vehicle was going to be impounded. According to a police report, a copy of which you'll find below, when officers began taking an inventory of the station wagon, they noticed a stretcher in the rear of the vehicle (along with rubbish and wet clothing) where "pizzas were sitting to be delivered." Asked about the items, Bethel explained that when he finished delivering Domino's pizzas, "he transports deceased bodies in the same vehicle for a funeral home." A police check with local health officials determined that the use of the car for stiffs and slices did not violate county ordinances. Bethel, who was not arrested, is facing $400 in fines for driving with a suspended license and operating a vehicle without an inspection certificate. The station wagon is registered to Carl Delia, owner of a so-called removal service that delivers dead bodies to Philadelphia-area funeral homes.
It begs the question though:

If you're at a crime scene and order from Dominos, should they waive the delivery fee since they were headed there anyway for pickup? :confused:
I don't eat Dominoes. Haven't for about ten years. I hate their pizza, if you can even call it that.
what's the fuss? Just a dead dude, he ain't going to bothered the pizza :p
Should it now be 25 mins or less instead of 30 since they can take the HOV lane? :confused:
I don't order Domino's anyway, too salty.

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