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Study says only 150 of 3500 U.S. universities are worth going to

I went to a specialty school, Full Sail in Orlando, FL. Its more expensive than half these schools. They are an assembly line for students and don't care about your future. I am in my industry but I will be broke for the rest of my life.

Lets burn our degree's together terry

The burden is big: U.S. college students borrowed $117 billion in federal student loans last year, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reported earlier this year that debt from student loans exceeds $1 trillion, surpassing credit card debt for the first time.

It's not a surprise.

I wonder are the employment returns high for those top universities because of the quality of the education or the prestige of attending them?

There are alot of people major in useless fields which the job market isn't in demand for.

Irish and Scottish peeps have got it easy with no university fees.

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