Superheroes who are Artists?


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Nov 23, 2005
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How many Superhero characters, or villians, can you think of that are (from time to time) shown to be artists?
Every so often a comic character is shown to be drawing, painting, or have some artistic skills while they aren't saving the world.
I can count two,
Captain America and Colossus. Cap was even a skinny art student before becoming a super soldier, and is shown painting (I hear) from time to time. Meanwhile Colossus even had an art gallery showing in one issue.

I guess you might be able to count the Beast, a poet and intellectual but I don't know if he paints or plays music or anything like that. But writing is an art.
You might also be able to count Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man, who must be a pretty good photographer to be on New York's biggest newspaper. So that requires some photo skills. But he might just have the job because he takes photos of Spider-Man better than anyone else.

So who else would be considered an artist?
Any characters shown to draw, paint, write, sculpt, play music, act, so on?
Wasn't one of the green lanterns an artist? I forget who.
Dani Moonstar, I thought.

There's also Alicia Masters (which is actually cool, because my friend is a painter and has the same color her as she does.)
steve rogers worked for marvel comic some years ago
Wonderman is an Actor....and Kyle Rayner is the GL who is an artist
Oh and Masked Marvel is a Writer for Marvel Comics
well mysterio was an actor and uses it to his advantage, although he is a stage actor (and a supervillain).
Wasp is a fashion designer, which is just another kind of artist.

Maya Lopez aka Echo can play a huge variety of instruments with flawless skill, and she dances. People like Taskmaster and Prodigy can probably do the same.

Matt Murdock plays the piano and probably some other instruments I don't remember.

On the DC side, Linda Danvers is a sculptress.

Hartley Rathaway, aka Pied Piper, is a savant-level musician.

Jade and Donna Troy were both professional photographers. And Jimmy Olsen, obviously, although his skill tends to waver depending on a writer's whims.

If we're counting writers as artists, Clark Kent has written novels before.
Don't forget the Dazzler, disco artist :)
Supreme in Alan Moore's Supreme was a comic-book writer.
Oh and Masked Marvel is a Writer for Marvel Comics

Remember the writer "X" who wrote that 'phenominal' comic book called The Brotherhood? Now there was some talent :D

Did we ever learn who that was?
Cool, any more painters, drawers, and artists like that?

Well, Kyle Rayner, of course. He mostly did add stuff for a while, but he also wrote and drew a comic strip for a while. Forget what it was called, but Kyle likened it to Friends but funnier and with fewer white people. He also drew at least one issue of a super hero comic as a fill in artist, I think.

Jack Knight also paints, but I don't think he does so professionally.
I don't mean they have to be professionals, they could just paint on the side or draw for fun.
Oh, I just remembered John Stewart (Green Lantern) is an architect.

So here is what we have so far
Captain America - Painter, drawing
Colossus - Painter, drawing
Jack Knight (Starman) - Painter
Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) - Cartoonist, drawing
John Stewart (Green Lantern) - Architect, drawing
Wasp - Design, drawing
Spider-Man - Photographer
Jade - Photographer
Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) - Photographer
Jimmy Olsen - Photographer
Alicia Masters - Sculpter
Linda Danvers (Supergirl) - Sculpter
Supreme - Writer
Beast- Poet, Writer
Clark Kent (Superman) - writer
Masked Marvel - Writer
Dani Moonstar - Unsure
Wonderman - Actor
Mysterio - Actor
Matt Murdock (Daredevil) - Pianist
Maya Lopez (Echo) - Musician
Task Master - Musician
Prodigy - Musician
Hartley Rathaway (Pied Piper) - Musician

I am sure there is more, what about characters like Victor Von Doom, Magneto, what about any characters from Image, New England Comics, Dark Horse? Even if they just do it as a hobby it would count.
Is this for a research paper? Because, if it is, you'd be better off just doing your own research.
No research paper,
Just for fun. I knew Captain America and Colossus were artists so I wondered how many others were.
Is this for a research paper? Because, if it is, you'd be better off just doing your own research.

I shudder to think what kind of class assigns a research paper on artistically minded comic-book characters
I shudder in joy to think of it.

I have a feeling that Iceman is actually an incredibly talented artist -- there was this scene way back in 90s X-Men where he and Rogue were talking about his ice sculptures and how beautiful they are. But like most of his talents, he ends up squandering it. Just my theory, though.
Hypno Hustler - Street griot/Pimp/Jive talker (Hey its a art)
Hourman (Rick Tyler) is a painter.
Writer X was never revealed because his brotherhood sucked so hard

Also Was Mysterio an Actor? It was my understanding that he was a Special Effects Technician....but I might have gotten that fron the Animated Series
I agree there,
Also, I think Mysterio was a special effects artist. I thought what someone was saying was that He used to be an actor (maybe before becoming a technician or something.)

I also forgot to add Dazzler to the list (singing).

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