Superman Songs - What Are Some Good Ones?


Jul 29, 2002
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In preparing for the event that is the Man Of Steel I would like you guys to help me with superman themed songs, I really know only one Superman by Five for Fighting. Please Help me with really good ones and is really appreciated. anyone else feeling a little sick to find out that there is a Superman song by Taylor Swift.......why god....why are you torturing us poor Superman fans so....
'Superman's Song' - Crash Test Dummies


'Superman' - Robin Thicke


I like the 'Kryptonite' song as well:

'Kryptonite' - 3 Doors Down

'Waiting For Superman' - The Flaming Lips

Taylor Swift's Superman song is nice. :)

Other songs with prominent Superman related mentions/titles that I like:

Brainpool - Smallville
The Kinks - Wish I Could Fly Like Superman
Jay-Z - Kingdom Come
Goldfinger - Superman
The Flaming Lips - Waiting For a Superman
Iron and Wine - Waiting For a Superman (cover of The Faming Lips song)
Sufjan Stevens - The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
Above the Law - Black Superman
Alicia Keys - Superwoman
R.E.M - Superman

Then there are tons of songs with just bypassing mentions and references in the lyrics. Weezer with Undone which mentions "Superman skivvies" is a personal favorite of these.
Spin Doctors - Jimmy Olsen's Blues (Pocket full of Kryptonite)

Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Resignation Superman

Our Lady Peace - Superman's Dead

Donovan - Sunshine Superman
Superman by the Stereophonics. Has the line superman on an aeroplane sitting next to lois lane. Song was featured in an episode of smallville too
The only ones that haven't been mentioned that I know are both Eminem:

Eminem- Superman
Eminem- Love The Way You Lie "I feel like I'm Superman with the wind at his back, you Lois Lane"
Wrote a song for my wife called Supergirl.. has the line "to be your Superman".. probably doesn't count! :)
The Big Pink - Don't Let Me Hit The Ground (Superman)

This song is what I always pictured to be in a Superman movie, like at the end credits. Similar to the song "Heroes" with Spider-Man movie. The lyrics is even connected to Superman even though the song itself has nothing to do with Superman. Enjoy and let me know what you think

A song tha fits perfect for the first couple of years of Clark and his lonely jorney would be the song by Green Day - Bolevard of Broken Dreams. If any one can make a Clark Superman centric video with that song it would be perfect
wow, I didn't know superman had that many songs. And all of them good
Well guys I just went and did the music video my self :woot: Please tell me what u guys think :yay:


Fixed the jumping effect :) Let me know what u guys think
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Well guys I just went and did the music video my self :woot: Please tell me what u guys think :yay:


I uploaded the video but it only plays in PC :( if any of u guys can fix that please do.

Here is the link:

fixed the link, see your YouTube link, when using the [YT] bb code, just place the last part of the YT link in there, in this case the "emzlBB4hiBw" part ;)

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