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World Symbiote Spidey Custom Help!

Matt Murdock

Jun 29, 2005
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Hey everyone,

im currently making a symbiote spider-man (spiderman in the black suit) custom out of the spider-man 2 super poseable figure. i was wondering if anyone had any decent pics of the symbol, or any really cool looking ones! thanks :spidey:
well there's the wallpaper on the SM3 website... but no other pics have been released. Im making a custom figure too from a sm2 fig, but im waiting for other pics, because the only pic released that show spider's costume had blue shades. Is it because on the rain? sky? so im waiting for a production pic.
oh i dont mean of the movie suit, i mean of the actual black costume from the comic
go ask spidey4fun. he should know. dunno if he'll give it though...

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