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The Brain

Master Chief

Jul 18, 2003
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I just came up with this crazy idea that, you know, maybe if you could stimulate the brain directly with massage techniques similar to *********ion, you could have a thought orgasm.

Maybe that can be the key to bending time and moving s**t with your thoughts.

Oh sNAP. :huh:
Couldn't you have started at 100? :(

I'm gonna see eventually if I post a news story if the same result comes.

Experiments ftw.
i believe the technique similar to *********ion is entertainment and the thoughtgasm is being entertained. no time bending telekinetics tho.
I had a thoughtgasm this morning.
I don't want MC molesting my brain. :down:csad:

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
What would come out when you're done ?
Master Chief, you give me a thoughtgasm. :O
Well, in order for that to happen, you'd have to stand on your head.
thoughtgasm blows my mind. or is that the other way around?
This reminded me of whatever the hell Stalone and Bullock did in Demolition Man :D
Wasn't that Demolition Man?

You're such a failure Spoons. :down:o
So Professor Xavier is having thought orgasms everytime he uses his power?

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