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The Dark Knight 1966 Style

that was fantastic.

:up: :up:

I love that series. :D
'Your just a freak like me' - put that over any Adam West footage and you have comedy gold :woot:

Fantastic - aww now i wanna see this picture instead of the Nolan one :csad:
awesome...the part where he yells "hit me!" looks real!
That is so ****ing hilarious!!!!!!!! :grin::up:
i thought the best part was "evening commisioner" the look on jokers face is awesome.
I don't usually post, but this trailer deserves a thank-you. It gave a a ROTFLOL x a gazillion moment. All the voices are so perfectly synchronized, it's amazing. It just reiterates the fact that the 60's Batman was pure awesomeness. :yay:
I have seen that look at these also there funny too the BTAS version is awesome

batman 1989

I love it!!

"Why so serious?" and Alfred's "Endure" lines work really well.

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