The Duchess (Keira Knightley)

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Oct 24, 2004
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Keira Knightley is a hot and vintage sexy tomboy beanpole as THE DUCHESS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Somewhere millions of men have started reading bodice-stories imagining Keira Knightley - who is basically becoming the female Fabio of the period romantic groin sweaty page turners. PRIDE & PREJUDICE was fantastic, those Pirate movies had us panting, ATONEMENT was magnificent - and now we get her as THE DUCHESS... based on Amanda Foreman's novel "GEORGIANA, DUCHESS OF DEVONSHIRE" - it's fantastic looking and she really is Viagra at twenty-four frames a second... and man... that hair is just asking to get mussed up!

AOL/Moviefone Quicktime domestic teaser direct links:
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I'm a sucker for a good period piece. This looks like it could fit the bill :up:
Ya know what, screw all the haters. I think Keira Knightley is damn hot. Boobs aren't everything.
looks good, love how keira can do what looks like the same role over and over but still provide a different persona for each character

Looks like Keira only picks period films nowadays...
Looks like Keira only picks period films nowadays...
Oh yeah, that is a great poster, love the jewelry.

i want to see THAT movie:applaud:indy:

theres no way im watching this duchess movie
period piece
brown colored
kiera knightly sporting her annoying accent
big funny wigs
nudity-less sex scenes

yea no...
thats all she's been doing lately
I really wanted to like the trailer, but I'm getting tired of Keira's similar movie role choices :csad: Maybe it'll be good though...the hair and costumes look great at least.
that trailer was awesome.

my only qualms
1) no need to really bring up princess diana, even if they were related somehow.
2) keira looks to have done an excellent job, but man i wish she'd spread out her roles just a little bit.

True that. I guess her new film, Edge of Love, also qualifies as a period piece but I believe it is set in the 20's. I think she would do really well in a modern film. An action film would be fun.

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