The Frost Report: The 19 year reunion show


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Jul 1, 2007
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BBC revives 1960s satirical show

Among the stars were Sir David Frost (left), Ronnie Barker (centre), John Cleese (second right) and Ronnie Corbett (right)

Satirical 1960s TV show The Frost Report will return as a one-off special featuring Michael Palin and John Cleese, the BBC has confirmed.
Host Sir David Frost will be reunited with the surviving members of the cast.
Ronnie Corbett and Tim Brooke-Taylor will also appear on BBC Four's two-hour revival on Easter Monday, 24 March.
The programme was the successor to the ground-breaking That Was The Week That Was, and its performers went on to create shows such as Monty Python.
It was in rehearsals for The Frost Report that Corbett and the late Ronnie Barker were first referred to as "the two Ronnies".
This phrase would go on to become the name of the pair's own long-running TV show.
One of the best-known sketches from The Frost Report involved the tall Cleese looking down at Barker and Corbett, making observations on the division of social classes by referring to their height.

No Eric Idle, but still very exciting and cool. I've never actually gotten to see the Frost Report, but I'm a fan of Frost and the Python boys so this will be a real treat. Hopefully they'll make it available in North America as well.

for those who want to know what it is

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