The Neverending Story...


Jun 22, 2005
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Continue a story using movie plots as the storyline.

-You have to continue the story logically. So if you're in a room you can't just suddenly be in the air for no reason with no explanation.
-You can only use movies
-You can use any tense of the movie, so like past present or future.
-You can, however, switch to any movie at any time during your turn.
-You do not have to use the same movie as the person who posted before you.
-You don't have to say what movie it is either.
-You can respond with as short as a sentence or as long as a paragraph.

So let the game begin:

Everything was great for him, he found his car, he figured out that water defeated the aliens and he even got home before his family could figure out he cut class for the day. Things were looking up, when all of a sudden....

..A doll appeared in front of him on a red tricycle. The doll begin to speak.
"You've spent your entire life planting bombs on busses and ruining lives. Now you will know the sufferage that they had to endure." And everything went black.

(See? In the first part I reference "Dude, where's my car?", "Signs", "Ferris Bueler's Day Off", and in the second part which would be someone else's post I reference "Saw" and "Speed"...)

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