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The Perfect World Jla Movie

I disagree with a lot of the things there... (is it loading retartedly slow for anyone else?)... but thanks for pointing out Heromorph to me... I hadn't realized there was so much great stuff...
am i the only one having trouble seeing these things? :huh:
Here's what my perfect world JLA cast would look like.



Wonder Woman


Green Lantern(Hal Jordan)

The Flash(Barry Allen)
your casting of the Trinity is just perfect Lone :up:
your casting of the Trinity is just perfect Lone :up:

Thank you. :)

IMO, that casting would make an awesome JL movie if it was the 80's but with current movie-magic tools.:wow:
Mine would be:

Superman - Brandon Routh
Batman - Christian Bale
Wonder Woman - Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Flash - Ryan Reynolds
Green Lantern - Jim Caviezel
Aquaman - Gerard Butler
Martian Manhunter - Djimon Hounsou
Green Arrow - Kiefer Sutherland
i dont think MEW would be the perfect WW imo, but she would have been a good one
eh, shes good, but for a PERFECT world, IMO Jen Connelly is a better choice
Monica Bellucci :up: another great choice

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