The Scooby Doo appreciation thread

Wow. I might actually consider watching this new show. Looks pretty good.
When is this show coming out?
A commercial on CN said july.
This new cartoon actually looks pretty good, too! :up:
Yeah old Scooby Doo is one of the greatest cartoons ever. I love every episode.:up:
I don't know if any of you have seen this, but if you're thinking about picking up the original series on DVD, now would be a good time.


The orginal 70s show was superb, fond memories of many a Saturday morning. Scrappy ruined it as the live action movie pointed out and the spinoffs never did much for me (possibly because I wasn't 7 any more). The live action movies were ok, not least for SMG as Daphne (always thought Nicole Kidman would have been perfect) But yeah, one of the greatest cartoons ever

Anyone else remember a blatant ripoff with a friendly werewolf instead of a dog? He could transform just at the sight of a picture of the moon and if someone mentioned food he would try to eat the Shaggy clone?
I’ve seen a lot of Scooby but I don’t know titles of episodes. Would always tune in whenever he and the gang were on.

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