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The Videogame Pianist, and other game musicians


I got a rock.
Jul 26, 2003
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The VG Pianist is probably something Kippy would appreciate the most. This guy plays all sorts of Video Game music [though mostly FF and Mario], on his piano, hence the name. See some of his videos and be amazed.

And now for something completely different. The Black Mages. Final Fantasy music, arranged in a rock and roll style. We're talking Jenova, Dancing Mad, and Battle Scene [FF Classic].

Another one of my favourites happens to be Minibosses. They had me at "Wizards and Warriors". Definately check them out. One of my faves, by far.

Probably the most popular of them all would be Overclocked Remixes. They have some pretty nifty mixes and remixes of plenty of game music.

More to come. If you know of anyone worth posting, do so. I'll try to add as many as I can.
I saw a vid of some guy playing an acoustic guitar version of the super mario bros theme:(
Cool! Are these like video game music remixes?
you guys should find a Remix Composer called Vigilante, the make a good lounge jazz of a MGS2 song and DK Country music :up:
My current playlist, not to mention my few CDS full of music.

Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Final Fantasy Bartz/Terra
Final Fantasy Zidane
Chrono Trigger
I just found this thread. Better late than never, eh?
Like, a year and a half late. Just like your climaxes. :up:

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