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Daffy Duck Vs The Joker
Staff member
Dec 27, 2005
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Is there any way of setting my default for responses to threads to 'Do Not Subscribe'?

I only want to subscribe to certain threads and it becomes too hard to manage when there are too many. I know I could change the setting manually in 'Notification Type' every time I post but I forget half the time and then can't be bothered to check the subs as too many have built up.

It's under you user options.

The thing is, there's something goofy about it. I have it set to not subscribe, but it still subscribes me. I think it's if I reply to the same thread 'x' number of times, it automatically does (in spite of the setting). I don't, however, know what number x is.
Thanks Daisy :up: :)

I'll keep an eye out out for the goofiness.

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