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TNT's 'DARK BLUE' thread.


The Return of the O.G
May 19, 2003
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I watched the premier last week and was hooked!

Great new show about a super deep cover cop unit, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer .

It stars Dlyan McDermott , and Supernatural cutie Nikki Aycox who played Meg on that show.

It airs Wednesdays at 10pm EST on TNT.

One of my new favorite shows.:up:
i was just about to make a thread on this show but I saw that someone else already had.
i haven't missed an episode yet, really digging this
Another great ep last night.
About last night's episode ......

Dean was a prick last night. If he had been killed. I honestly would not care. That was until they showed how lonely & out of touch the dude was at the very end. So I guess I'll give him a pass. If he keeps it up though. **** him, I'm gonna wish death upon his ass. He owes Ty a steak dinner or something. Good episode last night.

Oh yah. I finally figured out where I've seen the guy who plays Dean from. He's from the short lived series Traveler.
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This weeks' ep was my favorite so far. I love the whole kidnapping ring deal, and it's good to see some of the actors from one of my favorite shows, HBO's The Wire, getting some acting roles.
Really liking this show. Besides "Leverage" Dark Blue's easily my second favorite show on TNT.
Another good ep. Next week Terminators Michael Biehn stars as a crooked cop! :up:
This season's even better than season one. Tricia Helfer's a nice addition to the cast.

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