Tom Brady and Bill Bellychick's ipod playlist


Jan 6, 2003
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You already know how this add on:

Almost Doesnt Count-Brandy
Cry Babies- Ludacris
Start from Scratch-Game
All for nothing-Q Town
Cheating - Little Brother
Lost Ones- Lauryn Hill
So Sick-Ne Yo
Everybody hurts - REM
Loser - Beck
Dazed And Confused-Jake Holmes
How To Disappear Completely-Radiohead
I Feel Like Dying-Lil Wayne
Unbelievable-Biggie Smalls

Add on.... Lets see if we can keep this going all off-season.

[Disclaimer's Note: I happen to actually like the Pats. Ive had a Brady jersey for years. Hes one of like only 3 or 4 white dudes I have a jersey of and I kinda wanted them to make history. I was somewhat indifferent on who would win and I had a feeling NY might take it after the conference games and said I wouldnt be mad if they did. But I am kinda dissapointed the Pats didnt make history. Most of all I feel bad for Moss and Seau but........**** it. When theres a screw up, you gotta take advantage of the comedy involved. ]
Luda this only works on SOHH, I don't think people on here understand the concept of this
Thanx for Sleepwalking-Naughty by Nature
I Gotta A Right to Sing the Blues-Billie Holiday
A Simple Twist of Fate-Concrete Blonde
End it on This-No Doubt
Beyond the Hype-MC Lyte
You Shook me All Night Long-AC/DC
I Try-Common
Finish What Ya Started-Van Halen
Not Enough-Van Halen
You Never Can Tell-Chuck Berry
Pretend We're Dead-L7
Wasting my Time-Default
I Wish-Skee-Lo
Sabotage-The Beastie Boys
Didn't I Blow Your Mind-The Delfonics
King Nothing-Metallica
For Boston-Dropkick Murphys
Shot in the Dark-Ozzy Osbourne
It's Tricky-Run-DMC
The Memory Remains-Metallica
Too Bad-Nickleback
I'm Shipping up to Boston-Dropkick Murphys
Bringin' on the Heartbreak-Def Leppard

That's enough. Basically went through my iPod and took songs that worked.
Of course the two favorites that always work:

Coming Undone- Korn
All Falls Down-Kanye West
i suppose the obvious one is:

"before he cheats" - Carrie Underwood

Rape Me- Nirvana
I Always Feel Like(Somebody's Watching Me)- Rockwell (ok maybe thats the Giants :cwink: )
Achy Breaky Heart- Billy Ray Cyrus
New York New York- Dogg Pound
Living on a Prayer- Bon Jovi

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