Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Tiger Chen are Chad Stahelski's Triple Threat

Cool,...i have see the trailer
I'll be patiently awaiting this film, what a great line up!
Tiger Chen is a name I've never heard of before. Looks like a future star though.

And wow the women in this seem badass! Can't wait to see them in action. If Michelle doesn't come back for the next fast and the furious movie they should bring in Jeeja!
Posting old trailer again after the forum changes...

New trailer...
I'm pretty sure "Killingest" isn't a word lol but it looks a solid C movie actioner.
I low key loved this. It's rare these days for a action flick to really bring the inner kid out of me, but man did this do it. It's god damn relentless for the majority of it's brisk 96 minute running time and honestly if certain scenes were directed and paced better I'd put it up there with The Raid movies or John Wick 1 and 2 as far as quality, because while its probably not quite as strong as those from a story perspective I had just as much fun with it as those movies. The gun play carnage and hand to hand fight sequences in this are ****ing great. Jesse V. Johnson has shown in the past that he definitely has an eye when it comes to directing action and that's no different here.

Loved how gruesome it got at times too and thank god for the plentiful amount of practical blood squibs. It's sad how long it feels since I have seen that in one of these lower budgeted action flicks, but it was definitely a welcomed surprise. Also, this might be my favorite villain role for Scott Adkins. He easily has the best lines, although Michael Jai White had some fun stuff too, but I loved his no nonsense tough guy attitude on top of how much of a badass he already is.

This was 0k. The highlights are definitely the 1v1 fights among the action star veterans. But I thought the story was especially bad. Too many contrived stuff happens here that feels a little too convenient.

Adkins's character acts like someone who will believe anything and do something stupid without a contingency plan. It just felt odd for a military trained hired gun.
But the final moments does lit up and the 1v1 (2v1s with Adkins at the wrong end of it as well) fights sprinkled throughout the movie are all really cool.

I was actually getting annoyed at the lack of action for Adkins and MJW (they are relegated to shooting from their assault rifles for most of the movie) but it all comes together at the end. MJW doesn't get to do much but he does have one final flourish before dying. But Adkins gets to do a good deal ass kicking which was particularly satisfying for me. I was honestly waiting all this time to see Adkins kick those 3 little men (Jaa, Uwais & Chen) and it was very gratifying and it sated me immensely.
It was pretty much a straight to video martial arts movie but with a slightly bigger budget. Seeing Jaa and Iko spare was great.

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