I would be happy to try and help you if I had any idea what those were.

For a more serious answer, my guess would be April because that is the rumored month for all TDK merchandise to be released.
I have sets of all 5 movies minus a few of the special autograph inserts.
Whoa, thats cool.
I want to get full sets of the 3 good Bat-films thus far.

Ebay is great for that, full boxes of un-opened cards.
Looking at their site the only Batman cards I saw were for THE BATMAN cartoon, no Dark Knight yet...You know they WILL make them though.
I have sets of all 5 movies minus a few of the special autograph inserts.

You're lucky dude. When it was all said and done, I came up about 10 short of the Begins complete set. Thats including the regular ones and the special inserts. I was bummed, cause I went through a sh**load of packs trying to complete the set.
Yeah, the only way to get the full set without wasting a sh-it load of money is to buy the full set off ebay or from a comic store.

But then you don get the fun of collecting yourself.

Think Ill do both with TDK cards, gonna do the sticker album too!

don't think we're getting any which sucks ... still no word .. possibly they might come around DVD/Blu-Ray release time but I doubt it
would like a set as ive been buying batman tradings for years, they did'nt do a movie making book or comic book based on the film.
why not wb
Has anyone been collecting the sticker album? It is a pain buying packs and winding up with repeats.

i bought two packs and got the batman (2nd from left) and the very last one. they are kinda meh.

the stickers are cool though.

i have the card with the piece of the cape from begins, looking for the christian bale autographed one...that one's tough to track down. i've seen not crazy i swear!

looking forward to the dark knight stuff.

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