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Dec 28, 2007
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Hi, i'm working on a video. Almost got it working but problems with the song. Basically what i wanted to do is make a live action video of the x-men theme from the cartoon x-men of the 90's... Here is the link below, [YT][/YT]
Anyone know how to get the sound to work? First video i've ever done on Youtube...

Also let me know what you think to the little video
The links not working for me but I'm guessing if you don't have any sound it's because your video was muted for copyright violation. My X-Men TAS Live Action Intro experienced that fate.
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nice!, the only thing missing is a face to face run on from the good guys and the baddies lol

I always liked that beat
Well we dont actually have that but i thought i managed to match it up quiet well because its the fight scene from alcatraz... so you have the x-men righting the brotherhood in a midst of a fight... like what the animated intro shows
That was awesome :up:. I lol'd at Rogue falling/flying :p
I tried to keep as much as i could from the cartoon but Rogue has never flied so i scanned the movies to find a scene where she uses her powers and came across that scene...well it made me laugh so i thought rogue flying.. LOL

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