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This Website is Untraceable
Source: Screen Gems
October 15, 2007

Sony's Screen Gems has revealed the new trailer for Diane Lane thriller Untraceable, opening in theaters on January 25. Directed by Gregory Hoblit and also starring Colin Hanks and Erin Carufel, the film is about a technology-savvy serial killer who displays his graphic murders on his own website. The FBI Internet Crimes division must work quickly to track him down.

You can watch the trailer via this link!

I seen the trailer in theatres. Doesn't interest me much.

Hanks looks like Colbert
what is Lane and Hanks doing in this generic flick?

Is Lane the new Ashley Judd?
Remember BUG? Wow that was awful, shes definitley not Judd.
God this looks so cheesy. "OH NOEZ HES HAXXING INTA MAH CAR!!!!111"

Note to film makers: Never, ever make any films having to do with hackers, just don't.

I don't know. I liked the movie Hackers.
Im sorry this movie looks like crap. I think ina lane is good looking for her age and a good actress but this just looks bad, very bad.
I actually thought it wasn't that bad. The sad thing is, I think that were there a guy killing people the way he did in untraceable, it would probably work.
The only reason I'd watch this is because it's filmed in Portland, where I live. I remember they had the Broadway Bridge closed down for a bit due to filming.
this movie was awesome!

the ending leaves you with huge laughs!!...great ending lol

go see it now!
I keep hearing bad things about this movie...So,...I guess...

there ya go. :p

I saw it today, it has a good theme that is very relevant, It's also a ludicrously far fetched but entertaining thriller, Diane Lane helps elevate it and Gregory Hoblit's direction is slick and tight as always but this is his weakest film to date by far.


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