VIDEO: Sabotaged Comic Book Movies

I liked it, would have actually liked to have seen more.
More, especially, of official people complaining like Chris O'Donel talking about feeling like it was a toy commercial.
God, you could probably make several of these.
I like Hulk, Spider-Man 3, and X-Men 3. :o
I liked Hulk and somewhat liked Superman Returns. All the others were crap.
The only one I felt was out of place was Superman Returns.

Batman and Robin takes the cake as the worst sell out movie, followed by X-Men 3 and Spiderman 3.
Hulk, Spiderman 3 and especially Superman Returns dont belong on there IMO, i even liked Ghost Rider to an extent. The rest were crap (especially X-Men 3) and should have been joined by Elektra and the FF movies.
Well, to be completely honest, I found most of films decent. (Hell, I bought them all on DVD! Even multiple versions of the Batman films.) There were just certain elements that brought them down to an almost unenjoyable level.

Superman's son, his ability to lift a continent of kryptonite, the Peter Parker dancing, the Hulk's jellyfish monster ( you know, all the things that people on these boards have complained about since the films were released).

should have been joined by Elektra and the FF movies.

I had actually intended on including these films but the Beastie Boys just didn't give me enough time!

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