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Wallabies on the loose in Austria


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May 3, 2005
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That wasn't a typo.

VIENNA (AP) — Volunteers are searching for a pair of wallabies hopping through Austria — yes, Austria.

The kangaroo-like marsupials, which are smaller than "roos" and primarily found in Australia, escaped from a farm in the Upper Austrian countryside, about 180 kilometers (about 110 miles) northwest of Vienna. Thursday was the third day of the quest to find them.

There are actually three wallabies on the loose — owner Gabrielle Schrammel says the female has a joey in her pouch.

Austrians often express irritation at being confused for Australians while abroad, and mail meant for Australia occasionally surfaces in this central European Alpine country.

Those Vienna souvenir shops selling T-shirts with the slogan "No kangaroos in Austria" might have to start a recall campaign.

Well, Austria is screwed. Better to just quarantine the country and let the inhabitants die with dignity.
Maybe like Lloyd Christmas they just got Australia and Austria mixed up.
They wouldn't even have time to be on the loose in Australia what with the man eating plants and ****.
Exactly, without the hilariously hostile environment of Australia to keep them in check, the wallabies will breed and eat and kill without boundary. Austria is doomed.
Wallaby - They'll put YOU on the barbie.
Starring Hugh jackman and Nicole kidman...because they are the boy Australian actors I can think of right now.
I misread it as "Wallabies on the loose in Australia", and I was all ready with a sarcastic comment like "What next? Moose on the loose in Canada?" :o
Be grateful they weren't grey kangaroos, a kick to the chest by one of those bastards will break every rib you've got.
They've put out a picture of one of the suspects.


I am totally floored. I...I don't even know who to trust anymore. Things will never be the same again.
As long as the suspect's cow and turtle friends don't get loose, we're find.

Although his superhero friend could help us with his Nipples of the Future.
When I first read it, I totally read "Australia", so my first reaction was "When weren't wallabies running all over Australia."
Looks like my dreams of an Ahnuld Meets Rocko movie will be coming true soon.

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