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Wanna Hear My New CD ?


Aug 24, 2005
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I've been on the hype for a while now...havent really promoted my music here or anything...just love talkin bout comics n all here....but if any of you guys like hip hop, check out my new cd...

It's not like most unsigned rappers, I put alot of effort into my music and i think it shows...I've also been on mixtapes with 50 Cent and G-Unit, Juelz Santana and more...

I got 2 songs with Royce Da 59 on this cd too....heres a track u can hear on ur windows media player...

Asoka - Whats Goin On Feat Kidd Skilly

Thats a song off my cd. If you like it you can dload my entire cd from my site, Www.IndianRapper.Com

Later for that, dail up sufferer here, I do enjoy hip hop.
dialup should be a bannable offense.
lol funny...aye Tzarinna i feel your pain...i 2 was a victim of the 56k...but not anymore lol...but u can stream my cd also on my site :) under audio

I'll bookmark and look at it later. I have a lot of lurking to do before bed.
I was gonna dl it the other day, but it seems as though i have to do it one song at a time and that's kinda suck. :(

Is it any good?
yeah it is man, and Im not just sayin that cuz its mine. I have yet 2 recieve one bad review from it. download the first few songs and if u like those dload the rest :)
If I wrote you a bad review would you feature it on your site? :O

kk, I'll check it out when it's less late in the morning. Tomorrow, prolly. (or at least, maybe)
^ can be. but most people would not be able 2 get 50 Cent and the rest of G-Unit to be on it and host it. Same with the other people I've Been on. also the mixtapes i've been on have been featured on MTV.Com

but yeah they CAN be made by anyone, but alot of DJ's career's revolve around the mixtapes they make. :)

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