WGA, SAG-AFTRA Strike Thread

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Dec 28, 2017
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So no Bill Maher for a while. :waa:
This strike was honestly inevitable. In the fifteen years since the last major labor movement by a guild, we've seen a major shift in the industry power dynamics, most prominently with the rise of streamers but also with the major corporate buyouts of the big name studios. The film business has been taken over by Tech Bros who made their fortune ensconced within industries with some of the worst labor protections around. They've never had to cooperate with a union before. So when the guilds finally put their foot down, it was inevitable they would blow the whole thing up.

Looking forward to how this proceeds - there's already rumblings of SAG and DGA joining the strike. As someone hoping to join the business myself one day, I'm definitely looking for ways to back the strikers and show solidarity.
Rooting for the writers to get properly paid for their work and get their streaming residuals, but also this was much needed for everyone involved including the viewers who got shows that can never catch up on.
(I still need to finish the last seasons of Fargo and True Detective damn it. :o )

This won't be like the 07-08 strike necessarily unless you only watch network tv because the landscape has changed so much because of streaming, you still got a million different options on what to watch. However there is a doomsday scenario if the DGA and SAG also go on strike in the summer, then we'll see a real effect with the movies and shows especially with franchises and IP properties. That would be a real doom and gloom where it would be like the COVID years all over again.
I would think a number of shows are far enough along to not be affected too badly.
That is if they finish writing the scripts. If the scripts aren't done by now then expect those shows to be delayed for a while.
They got Adam Conover talking what's going on inside the writer's strike on the WGA's side.


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