What Are You Listening to Right Now? - - - - - Part 14

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Howl for my baby ~ M Ward
Louisiana Hotsauce ~ Sammy Kershaw
- Weak by SWV

- Rock with You (Michael Jackson cover) by Brandy & Heavy D (prod. by Quincy Jones)
Personal Jesus ~ Depeche Mode
Shiloh - All I Want (I just adore this song because the lyrics are so poignant with realization and a bit sad. That and it amazes me that Canadian Artist Shiloh was 13 when she recorded this song.)

Within Temptation - Somewhere


Skyrim - Sovngarde Song

Elder Scrolls Theme - Oblivion Version
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Gold on the ceiling ~ Black Keys
Under An Ancient Sun - Skyrim Soundtrack

*Call me crazy but this song's tonal value creates a feeling of calmness and tranquility in me as well as euphoria. It is a glorious composition indeed!*

Dawn - Skyrim Soundtrack

Skyrim Main Theme - Skyrim Soundtrack
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Yellow submarine ~ Beatles
do you think about me - carrie underwood
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