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Nov 22, 2005
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The one thing I like about Kal-El is that he's the first Superhero, the one who all others have been fashioned after, the cape, the symbol on the chest, the whole deal.

When you see a super hero like on a cartoon that's not a comic related cartoon, they usually have the glasses and shirt being ripped away to reveal the superhero underneath, and that all comes from Superman, the superhero stereo type if you will.

I like that he's pure, some say he's too much of a boy scout but that's getting old.

There's alot to the character. I hope someday a restart epic movie will be made. The animated series did a great job of showing the true Superman, so that those that may not have seen the true hero and only saw those movies got a chance to see the real character by watching the cartoon.

I've spoken to some who think he's stupid because of those movies, I've told them about alot of the stories and so on the things that Superman's been through and by the time I'm done telling them they have totally changed their perception of him.

I've complained about him too, but I've recently been brought back to him. I really got into him in the 90's, I love the whole Death and Return saga, and am looking forward to rereading it.

I remembered what it is I really like about Superman. He's more than just the geek who takes off his glasses and rips off his shirt and yells Up Up and Away, he's an epic hero, a true champion.

The origin and everything is

In a world where every hero has to be a "badass" anti-hero, it's nice to see that there's still one big guy out there who's still a straight-arrow good guy.
Andy C. said:
In a world where every hero has to be a "badass" anti-hero, it's nice to see that there's still one big guy out there who's still a straight-arrow good guy.
Yeah. He's just fun. When you think super hero, the first thing that pops in your head is that main idea of Superman.

Everyone says Batman has the best rogues gallery but, Supes has alot of good ones too.:supes:

I love the look of Lex in his purple suit and the green armor, I was happy to see those suits return in the cartoons and comics.
I think you two hit just about every point there.

Superman is just the quintessential hero, and he's been that for many, many years. Though I prefer the stories of the dark, tormented anti-hero above all else (Batman will always be my ultimate favorite), like what you were saying Andy, there's only so much I can take. Superman embodies everything that is honest and good, and is just a nice breath of fresh air.

And with what Morgoth was saying, I also think Superman can get a bad rap sometimes. He's certainly a powerful character, but he's not infallible. I think Donner's film and Timm's series have creatively dealt with that.

Can't wait to see what Singer has in store for us next month.

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