What was the name and gender of the stillborn child referred to at end of FF#267


Mar 17, 2006
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I think it was a baby girl named Mary after Sue and Johnny's mother but I'm not certain.
Incidentally there is a story(which has never been explicitly denied-or confirmed) that the stillborn child plotline was based on something that happened in real life to FF writer and artist John Byrne and his wife Andrea Braun(who makes a cameo appearance in FF#262 incidentally).
Apropos of my previous post about the religious affiliations of Sue and Johnny, when the former alludes to lighting a candle at St. Patrick's Cathedral around Xmas, is it in memory of her dead daughter?

Not sure what you are talking about with the lighting of the candle (can you tell me what issue and title that was in?) But for a rather lengthy explanation of how the events of #273 tied in to recent events, check out my Valeria Von Doom/Richards FAQ I created a while back. I haven't updated it but we used to get so many questions about this on another FF MB that I would just link to my page whenever it came up. Of course, little Val is a bit older now but I guess not old enough to be walking. Her first word, however, was "Doom" much to Sue's dismay. There was a future version of herself as a teenager that appeared in the F4 series last year.

I am not sure how John Byrne came up with the storyline but you could probably ask him at his message board.
It was in an episode of Ultimate FF last year in which Franklin was asked by his teacher(along with the rest of his classmates) to compile an account of how his friends and family spent Christmas.

Thanks, I'll have to dig that out. I was so busy these past 6 months I would just buy issues with the plan of reading them later! As for about bit about the stillborn child, just around the time that Valeria appeared at Pier 4, there was a scene of Sue going through some of the family's personal items. It showed her looking at the death certificate with the name Valerie Meagan Richards and I think it was somewhere around issues 23 or 24 during Chris Claremont's run on the FF.

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