Which Bond Car would you like to own?


Jan 1, 2005
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Aston Martin DB5: (Goldfinger & Thunderball)
equipped with machine guns, oil dispenser, smoke screen, bullet-proof shields, ejector seat, wheel hub tire slasher blades, revolving number licence plates, homing/tracking device.

Lotus Esprit: (The Spy Who Loved Me)
transforms into a submarine, equipped with a rear liquid concrete sprayer and underwater and sea-to air missile launchers.

Aston Martin V8 Volante: (The Living Daylights)
with bullet-proof glass, fireproof body, guided missiles, jet engine booster rocket, convertible ice tires, snow skis hidden in door sills, laser-cutting device in wheel hubs and self-destruct mechanism.

BMW 750 iL: (Tomorrow Never Dies)
comes with machine guns, rockets, gps system, voice activation, anti-theft system with electric shock, smoke and bullet proof windows, blowout-proof tires, rear metal spikes ejector and front metal cutter. The automobile can be driven remotely with the touch sensitive Ericsson Mobile Phone driving control system.

BMW Z8: (The World is not Enough)
specially equipped with titanium plating and armor, missiles behind the headlights, an infra-red tracking system , a high-sensitivity listening device and six beverage cup holders.

Aston Martin V-12 Vanquish: (Die Another Day)
equipped with adaptive camouflage, ejector seat, torpedos, target seeking shotguns, and convertible ice tires

all info taken from: http://www.jamesbond.com/mmpr/index.php
I don't like the look of the old ones. The Z3 in GoldenEye, Z8 and the Vanquish looks much cooler IMO. The Vanquish wins because of the camouflage.

I voted the Lotus. But I also like Goldeneye's Z3 Roadster
Aston Martin DB5 cos it's one of the classic 007 cars.

Voted for the Vanquish beacuse it's the coolest looking (and for the fact that I own one)
Yeah right Bond borrow's Batman's car. why not? since it's beginning like Batman. LOL.
It would either be the DB5 or the Volante for me; but I want a remote control Beamer just on principle!......
I'll always love that submarine Lotus Esprit. :up:
the Vanquish for me.

I've read an article recently which tells that scientists are working on meta-material which can accelerate and bend light around an objects instead of reflecting it thus creating the illusion very similar to that of Bond's invisible car. At the moment scientists can only bend a specific wavelength but in a decade or so they will be able to make meta-materials that can bend the entire spectrum of light.

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