Who killed Asmodean?


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Oct 29, 2002
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Yeah to anyone who has read at least up to book 5 of The Wheel of Time. If you have an answer, I'd really appreciate it.
I know where he died and at this moment in time his killer to me is unknown. What I want to know is who did it. Robert Jordon claims there is enough information there to figure it out but I'm not sure.
That's what I mean by no known killer. We're never officially told ;) At least, I don't remember it. And Asmodean's biography in the Complete Guide to the Wheel of Time or whatnot does not list a killer either. But as for me, I haven't figured it out, nor have I seen enough evidence to point me straight to someone.
Robert Jordan is never going to tell anyone who did it. He stated that already many times. He was going to but one guy guessed right using the evidence and he was like, nope. Y'all can figure it out.
well, what book did this all happen in anyways, I can't remember right off. Pages or chapters?
Book 5, Fires of Heaven, Last Chapter "Glowing Embers" or something like that. Book 5 is the book to study carefully... Book 5 and Book 4. Because for it to be obvious based on the evidence given you have only use the knowledge you have from the first 5 books and nothing afterwards.
Well, I suppose all is well and good because I'm re-reading book 4 right now. About half-way.
Pay attention to anything Forsaken revolved.
I was reading those but I got exhausted by them:( I am so lost by now I would have to go back and reread everything. Rand go insane yet?

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