Who would've wanted a Prequel Instead??


May 10, 2005
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Hey I'm not knocking this show Yet in my opinion I dont think it's going to be good but we'll see.

I just think it would've been more interesting if we could see a prequel w/ the main character as whistler and him recruiting a young blade and see how they developed theyre relationship along the way.

They could've encorporated so many aspects from this angle the other vampire hunters that whistler was speaking of. Him sending blade around the world to train etc. They could've gone deeper into whistlers character and maybe have shown him as an extremist

Its just my opinion let me know what you think
Those are some good ideas you just put forward. A prequel series would've been pretty good. It would've easily explained away the fact that Blade looks younger for one. Also, watching Blade learn the ropes might make it easier to show him more vulnerable instead of the uber cool badass-with everything under control- in the films.

However, the one problem with prequels is that they are robbed of a lot of drama and suspense because the audience knows how the story will end, or at least we would know that Blade and Whistler survive into the Blade movies, and Whistler buy's it in Trinity.

For that reason, I think its better to do a continuation. It gives the writer's more flexibility, and nothing is written in stone. Kirk Jones taking on the role is fine by me, esp. if he can bring something different, make Blade his own, without cheapening the character or totally disregarding Snipes performance.
I for one would have prefered a prequel but the show has yet to air, so it's a bit hard to make a judgement call. More of an opinion.
I dont like prequels.
But I didnt really want a show to be a sequel to the movies either.

So, I am kinda stuck.

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