Why do you prefer DC?

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Feb 14, 2004
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I've always been a DC man, rather than Marvel, so I was wondering which of you guys prefers DC over Marvel, and why? Is it the artists, the writers, the characters, or something else?

For me, its always been the characters. DC has characters I love, which is good for the obvious reasons, and characters I hate, which is also good because they provoke a reaction, but there isn't a DC character that I don't care about. Marvel has a great many. For example, I've tried reading X-Men many times, but just couldn't make myself care about them. I still like Marvel, and read quite a few Marvel titles, but I just like DC's characters so much more. So, why do you guys prefer DC?
I prefer DC because they're more of an ideal.
I'd rather not be reminded about how much my life sucks ass. I'd rather not remember that rent is two weeks past due.
But I do want to think that I can make a difference in the world. I do want to see these mythic figures and be inspired to do the right thing.
I want to see Superman stop a nuke from hitting Metropolis; I want to see Batman track, then beat the hell out of a serial-rapist. I want to see Hawkman swoop in and KO a purse-snatcher with his mace.
I read DC comics to temporarily escape from reality. I read DC comics so I can have something larger than life to aspire to be. I want to read about beings that can save life after life, solve crime after crime, punish criminal after criminal because, in the real world, I can't quite do things like that.
I don't want to read about a whiny little guy fighting a villain while worrying about getting home in time for dinner. I just don't dig that. I don't read to be reminded about life, I read to escape it for a while.
And that is why I prefer DC. (And Marvel ain’t that bad either)
More continuity, proving it can be done, and done well, JOE Q!
Better heroes in general.
Better stories.
Thinking about what Bat-Mantis said above. Marvel is the grunge of comics.:D
DC has continuity and Marvel doesn't. Don't get me wrong I like Marvel's character's and know the basis, I just don't read their comics
i chose dc coz i needed inspiration mostly from the character itselfs. i believe those character gives hope of justice and ideal and what it takes to be a superheroes coz it ain't easy. i still like marvel but not as much as dc coz marvel just fight for the sake of it's own right but dc fights for everyone's right. i don't know what i'm saying anyway but i'll give a better explaination soon.
well, I read DC comics because they're really ****ed up. and I should specify by saying I read ALOT of Vertigo :D

and DC's only had continuity for about 20 years, since Crisis. Marvel's only been slacking lately with continuity. do you guys not realize how ****ed up DC continuity was pre-crisis? How about Hyper-time, huh?
I like DC because their characters are pretty much set. They don't feel the need to do something big to change the status quo every few issues like Marvel seems to. And they manage to keep everything in the important forms of media (re: comics and cartoons) standardized. Read an issue of Superman/Batman, it feels like you're watching an episode of the Superman/Batman cartoon. A kind of crappy episode, since Superman/Batman hasn't exactly had the best stories so far, but still. I like that consistency.

Also, DC seems to be willing to give its second-tier characters more of a chance. I had barely heard of Arsenal before Outsiders, but now he's one of my favorite characters.

The continuity issue is a little iffy for me. DC does have better inter-title continuity, but I suspect that's due mostly to Geoff Johns and Judd Winick, both of whom are DC-exclusive right now. Their comics are the ones with the best connectivity by far.
Even though Superman is my favorite superhero and DC has a lot of awesome heroes, but I have to say, I like Marvel a little more.

I won't give my reason though, don't want to start any fights.
I like it because if I want to read a superhero comic, I want there to be superheroes in it not myself in a costume. I don't want to read about a person who has my problems. I want them to fly and wear capes and fight for truth, justice and the American way! Not fight for housing, money and food. I want people who are larger than life (Only Captain America fits this bill). Also the books are much better. Geoff Johns, Judd Winnick, and Jeph Loeb are my favorite writers and they work for DC. My favorite books are there. Books like Flash, Green Arrow, JSA, Teen Titans, and Outsiders are what comic writing is all about. And my favorite title on the market right now (Superman/Batman) is what a classic team up is all about. And my favorite characters like Flash, Batman, and Green Arrow are there. And my final reason... NO BENDIS!
I was a big fan of DC, but I prefer Marvel now. I like how I can relate to the heros. Take spidey, when he was a troublesome teenager, I can relate to his problems, or his joys. I've always wanted to become a superhero (like who doesnt :D ) I can think that spidey is me, I have the powers, that is my life.

Like superman, I think he is a great hero to read about, dont get me wrong, but people think of him as a saviour..which he robably is. But the people in Marvel think of spidey, or X-men as dangerous people, they still help...but they are feared of their powers. Its kinda exciting to read about it.

Now this is my opnion..plz dont flame. :D
you have the right to an opinion and I have the right to disagree. I dislike being able to relate to Marvel characters. It reminds me how bad my life is at times and I want to escape from that
That's EXACTLY how I feel. Well, most of the time.
I do see the appeal in the common problems a lot of the Marvel heroes face, I read all the Spidey-titles, but I agree with what Bat-Mantis, Dwarf lord and others are saying; most of the time, I want to escape all that. Thats why I read much more DC than Marvel.
Real simple, there are a couple of reasons why I prefer DC over Marvel:

1) DC has stand alone characters: With the exception of Spider-man, Hulk, and maybe Daredevil, Marvel comics requires guest stars and teams in order to provoke interest in the characters. DC has books out about Superman, WW, Batman, Firestorm, Steel, Supergirl, Superboy, Robin, Hawkman, Green Lantern (take your pick), Flash...etc.... Which is why this whole Marvel movie thing upsets me..DC has better characters. Concerning the realism of their characters and Marvel's...it's a comic book...none of it is realistic..I'm so tired of that piss poor argument from Marvel fans.

2) DC has better continuity: True DC likes to shake up a origin every now and then (ie Superman's currently) but Marvel shakes up their whole universe. How many different versions of X-men have their been?! Good grief, their history is so convoluted I can't keep up.

3) Marvel is only X-Men and Spiderman: Face it, that's all they really have, all their other characters suck.

4) Marvel's top characters: Spider-man and Wolverine, DC's: Batman and Superman. I do like SM and Wolvie..but Supes is to comic books what Michael Jordan is to basketball. And when it comes to Batman and Wolverine as far as characters..Batman is one of the most interesting fictional characters period

5) DC takes more risks: True Marvel takes some risks...but DC has killed their main character, broken the back of another one, is implementing a 4th Robin..this time female, is deciding to make Firestorm an African-American, Vertigo, Icon, um...do I need to keep going..hell they made Lex president. Marvel has nothing on this.

6) More action. Marvel tends to talk a bit much for me...I want to see someone get their ass whipped

7) Last and most importantly: Marvel does have originality, but they do copy a LOT of DC ideas...if it wasn't for Batman their would be no Wolverine, Daredevil, or Black Panther. If their was no Superman..Thor would not have some of his abilities. WW was a pioneer for women in terms of heroines. Overall...without X-men and Spidey..marvel flat out sux...I mean..who else to they have Captain America...Fantastic Four...Iron Man....gag....

I'm out. Peace
Um.. Azrael, have you read more of Marvel's comics than Spider-Man and X-Men? Because honestly... I'm not trying to slight your opinion or anything, but reason #3? That's a pretty huge generalization.
You are correct, it is a large generalization. However, I feel it is substantiated. I have read other Marvel Comics characters...I am just stating that those are the ones that keep them afloat. I mean, honestly, do you believe Marvel would be anything that big without the X-Men? And do you believe X-men would truly be that interesting without Wolverine (I do personally, but generally fans don't take to liking X-Men w/o Logan).

Let me rephrase, their other characters don't suck. But they really don't have any other huge flagship characters. Captain America, most view as pretty corny, FF...please no..., Hulk has his fans...but since his nitch was the whole anger management thing, that was kind of taken away by Wolverine...it's not as interesting anymore. Daredevil, I personally have always felt is underutilized....the Avengers...? Come on now. I mean, this is just my opinion, if you feel I am wrong please provide the rebuttle and evidence.

BTW, thanks for coming at me respectfully rather than flaming me!
I don't see either Marvel or DC as having a huge number of flagship characters as far as mainstream consciousness is concerned. DC's got Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, and maybe a few other members of the JLA; Marvel's got Spider-Man, the Hulk (his TV show made him pretty well-known back in the day), and the X-Men.

Regardless of who's more recognizable, though, there are tons of really great, interesting characters at both companies. DC's got Green Arrow, the JSA, Nightwing, the Teen Titans, etc. and Marvel's got Captain America, the Fantastic Four (whose comic has been excellent under Mark Waid for a couple of years now), Captain Marvel, the Avengers (who are supposed to be revamped to house Marvel's best and brightest soon), etc. I don't really look at it as a competition, since there are a lot of characters I love from both companies, but I'd hesitate to say that either company has more interesting or worthwhile characters than the other.

Welcome to the Hype, by the way. :up:
Personally I prefer Marvel.

As opposed to most people here I like my heroes more human, someone I can relate to. DC has a lot of character that are larger than live, too much fantasy for my liking. I want a better bridge between reality and fantasy. Marvel does that. DC is more about fantasy.

I'm not saying Marvel doesn't put out crap. They do. A lot.
But I like the overal 'feel' of Marvel more then the 'feel' of DC.

I do want to qoute Azrael on a few points:

- you claim Superman is bigger than Spider-man, I totally disagree. I want to see a new Superman movie make as much money in the first days as Spider-man 2 has done.

- you claim DC has better characters, what does Super-man have better then Spider-man of the Fantastic Four. Superman is pretty dull in my eyes. He's just a boring guy who can beat anyone.

-you think Batman is one of the most interesting fictional characters period? I find unrealistic more appropriate. He's fighting alongside Superman like no it's not a problem. The writers sometimes forget he's still human.

-DC more risky? Marvel gave Flash Thompson brain damage. Venom has cancer. They burned Reed Richard's face. I heard someone gets killed in Avengers # 500. So that's a weak arguement of you.
i'm more a marvel than dc fan really,but i do enjoy superman he is probably my joint favourite character(joint with spider-man)..for me supes embodies the whole idea of "super"hero i also collect the current uk edition of batman legends which is pretty good.
i also have quite a few dc graphic novels with kingdom come being one of the best i've ever read.
Better Writing, Cooler Superheros, and Continuity:o
Also dont forget Sandman was killed off. He was bitten by Venom, and he slowly started to detirioate(sp?)
At the moment, I like DC more so than Marvel. marvel has a lot of good books. Exiles, Daredevil, Supreme Power, etc, there are still a lot of good books coming out of Marvel. But compared to the stuff DC is putting out right now? it just doesn't stand up in my eyes. Maybe in two or three years, Marvel will catch up again in quality, thats the way this business works. The only real reason I perfer DC right now is because Marvel has a terrible way of handling their books. Great books like Captain Marvel, The Crew, and Black Panther, all get put up on the chopping block, while they put out an ass load of crappy X- Books, and other crappy titles that they know will suck and only get canned before issue 6. Marvel has taken quantity over quality, and it shows. DC is just putting out better books. When you look at the sales, Marvel still rules, but, its all X-Men and Spider-Man, and that is only because of the fans of the characters. You can't tell me Uncanny X-Men deserves to be in the top 100. The book sucks, yet there it is, it shows the blindness of fandom. Most sit and complain about how bad the books are, yet they are the first ones in line with a copy every week. I am not a Spider-man fan or a Superman fan, I am a comic book fan, and if a book sucks, then I aint gonna buy it. Sad to say, but as long as marvel makes tons of money off the Movies, their books will suffer. They figure if they're making money, then there is nothing wrong with the content, but that just aint the case. It's frustrating and I think it will only result in me dropping Marvel books altogether. I aint the boycott "lets stop buying this!!" type and I don't usually complain either, I complain with my money, but something has to be done, cause I really want to read some Sand Man or Preacher calibur X-stories. If there always in the top ten, then shoulldn't they be putting out the best stories imaginable? Thats all I ask. The "House of ideas" is starting to look like they got a brain injury or something.

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