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World why susan blu?


Aug 20, 2007
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why is it that it was only susan blu doing the commentary in the 20th anniversary dvd? nothing against her, but i would have loved to have seen peter cullen and frank welker on there as well. besides, those two did the pivotal characters in the movie.
Until the new film, Transformers were warm memories to Peter Cullen and Frank Welker. However, Susan Blu has been involved in many Transformers cartoons and is a voice director.
Agreed, and one of the best in the business! Susan is currently voice-directing the Legion of Superheroes cartoon.

I can see a Transformers crossover episode where an animated Susan Blu is riding inside Arcee and she stops to pick up Galadria, Stormer, Lindsey Pierce, Ashley Larsen and one of those My Little Ponies, and they all go for a ride to New York City to be interviewed by April O'Neil at the Channel Six studios. That would be a fun episode!
I saw your thread on IMDb, katiserge01.

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