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Wii attracts cockroaches?

Aug 30, 2004
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Ok...? :dry: :confused:



So far this is just a theory, but it's something that's beginning to come under investigation. Apparently, Japanese entertainment magazine BARKS has alleged that a powered-on Wii emits a sound frequency which falls right into the range to which cockroaches are attracted. This could lend itself to a few uninvited roommates for gamers who are too busy waggling their remotes to invest some time in a little basic housekeeping.
I wouldn't run to the store and drop a week's pay on insecticide just yet, and please keep in mind that this is just a theory, and one that is likely to be debunked eventually. Although, if you find yourself trying out that new Wii Fit Board and hear some crunching under it as you lean one way or the other, don't say I didn't warn you.
[Thanks to Brad for moonspeak translation, and Matthew for the link]
Thank God I got rid of my Wii then. I can't even sleep knowing that there's a bug in the room, a bunch of roaches would give me panic attacks.
I left a turned on Wii in your room, only you can't see it.
Good luck, and don't let the bed bugs bite :(
Prepare to be annihilated by the cockroach expeditionary force when you turn it on.
블라스;13514964 said:
I left a turned on Wii in your room, only you can't see it.
Good luck, and don't let the bed bugs bite :(

Thanks for the paranoia, its just what my ulcer needed. What a guy.

It's okay. There are no more cockroaches. Thwip teamed up with his wife and killed them all in ****ty Earth Defense Force.
I'm not the one who put a turned on Wii, concealed, inside of your room. :csad:
Now is not the time for gay romance, Stephen. Your life is in serious peril.
Crazy S.O.B, he's starting to have sexual flashbacks.
He's gone completely mad! Run for the hills, before he ****s us all!
I have an image of you guys running and screaming on some rolling green hills, and me chasing you all naked, also screaming, wagging my penis at you. It's very amusing.
You're going to take advantage of me, aren't you? :(

Well then :csad:, make it quick :o

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