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Word Trail - Part 3

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Is a name not a word? Be careful criticizing. Let me say what needs to be said. These are Games ease up or don't play.

Himself is properly said.
said very well, the above statement, that is.
Is it lunchtime? :) (nice seeing you again)
lunchtime I shall eat!

(apparently I am now talking likd Yoda as well..lol)
Eating and having sex is what gives a man the most pleasurable joys
Joys at christmas are the most joyous times of the year.
year after year, some new piece of technology shows up to make our lives easier and yet more complicated at the same time
Time seems to have gone quickly since the start of summer.
over before you know it then comes the snows
pumpkins can be turned into scary jack-o-lanterns
Lanterns are hung in the back yard for decorations.
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