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-Æ- artwork from 2k-2k5

Quick logo I did for an Everquest Guild on Maelin Starype Server (guild is broke down currently)
took about 15 minutes to finish

Maybe it's just me but the last 2 images are not loading.
THats the best design of a Red X ive seen all year
Hmm must be allocating too much from host geocities *lol* that bunks!
Great manganime overtones to your work AE

Digging it;)
Heres a pic I drew in 2000 but colored in 05, im still coloring it though wanted to show yall what I color with. I use Fireworks MX and Photoshop Illustrator for my coloring. Im going to use PSP to get the textured work cause I want the browns to make them look like a leather type texture but don't have an idea how to do that properly. *some roam in my mind but what ive been doing hasn't been working*


I also did that multiply trick that Triem23 said which worked well, i need to tweek the curves a bit though.

Ill try to finish it up today, want to color some more stuff.

I use a wacom table and my Logitech MX100 mouse which allows me to control sensitivity like my wacom tablet which is amazing cause I didn't notice it until I actually loaded the software that came with it, it works really good!

Click here to view original line art

Started everything with layers, each flat color is a basic layer, than im going to layer over the flat layers with textures, shading, highlights etc.


Here is the second to the last version with shadows and textures added, I need to refine alot of it, also need to add hightlights and a more timed lighting effect.


I would like to hear yall thoughts on my work thanks! Critique
bump ( I put the image as a link, geocities is not my friend today) please comment looking foward to seeing your critique.
bump, I see views but no comments, by all means comment! (^_^) I just added on some newer stuff.
I love Akira Toriyama's stuff. Particularly his Dragon Quest/Chrono Trigger stuff.

Your stuff is good. The wizard is my favorite piece. Besides his stubby arms, which may have been intentional, he's the best overall, in my opinion. Particularly his face.
I put my newest color drawing onto one HTML page. Click here to view. Like to here your comments on the color ones.
New pic
I did the Line art
and the Coloring.


posted that new pic

Check it out, post a comment, on what you think.

Im working on some newer stuff, once I get my new scanner.
2 pics just finished check them out comment, I like to hear what you think about them.


Here is another one for all you GTO fans out there enjoy!



Here are some manips I did not too long ago.
I find it very funny that you brought this thread back from the dead with pictures of zombies.
i like the pink zombie. i think im going to try manips like that one day...
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