🇮🇷 The Iran Thread II

Yeah.....I get what you're saying, but this dude is responsible for the executions of a lot of people and the systematic oppression of women, gays, non-believers, etc.

If he is dead, I'm not crying alligator tears and if I was sure that this would lead to the overthrow of what is essentially a murderous theocracy, I'd be fine with it. Unfortunately, we don't know that to be the case. I'd love to see a political revolution in Iran that gave working people a say in their lives, but I'm not holding my breath.
Yeah, there's a reason they called that guy "The Butcher:"

None of us can know this for sure, but there's a significant chance this was a US/UK/Israel assassination, and that the death of Iranian President Raisi can be Archduke Ferdinand redux.

I went to sleep afraid that my children and I would not wake up.
Helicopter + Fog is just a perfect recipe for another Kobe incident.

Anyway, based on somestuff I was listening to on the radio, it sounds like the President isn't really that big of a deal in Iran, so not likely to cause immediate issues in Iran's political structure. The issue, it seems, is that Raisi was all but declared to be the next Supreme Ruler, when Khamenei finally dies.
The real power in Iran doesn't lie with him. That being said, it's good that there's at least a possibility that ideas are changing in Iran.

A friend of mine posted something the other day I thought was really funny. She said about many of the protestors in the US "If the Ayatollah is praising your protests, you're doing it wrong." :funny:
He was literally the only allowed reformer on the ballot. He was given as a token choice. Now, it does give Khomenai a message, but he wouldn't be allowed if he would be a drastic choice.

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