10 year old that started Cali fires could face charges

yeesh look at those houses cluttered up like that,i don't think i'll live there.
That kid's going to have to take on an extra paper route, sell all of his G.I. Joes, and give blood every week till he's 375 years old to pay off those fines.

well thats pretty f'n stupid
He forgot the most important lesson of childhood... Don't play with matches!
No Immortalfire. The most important lesson of childhood is: **** the matches, go for the flamethrower. :o

I feel bad for chuckling at that.
Holy ****! How does a ten year-old do that much damage to so many people? OMG ANTICHRIST DAMIEN OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!:wow::csad:
those little houses look just like the neighborhood in the intro to 'Weeds' . . . actually, I think that was the basis for the opening credits . . .
His life is ****ed here on out! nice one kid
I bet Arnold Shwartzenhousersteinsennegger is feeling guilt after making the threating comment to catch the crooks last week.

its a 10 yr old gawd
The kid needs to be publicly disciplined then completely relieved of all charges. That will psychologically scare him from ever pulling ***** like that again and it will give him another chance at life. Although, it may be a little harsh for a 10 year old kid.

LMAO at the flamethrower comment Morzan!

And great thread Terry!
I call for justice.

Or better yet, give the kid the Carlos Blanka treatment from the Street Fighter movie. Without the injections, of course ;)
This one is a tough call,you can't say "Don't do that again" but yet,you can't send a 10 year old to prison either. 10 year olds don't think "hey what if this all of San Deigo burns cause of me? I certainly don't want to be his parents right now.Just think, your 10 year old son cause so much damage and you'd have to spend the rest of your life trying to pay for it in fines.

Lesson to be learned...don't have kids.
10 years old or not, throw the book at him legally
I could imagine there would be a fine for his parents,but that fire did a LOT of damage..so he would have to face some kind of punishment.
The punishment though, since he's 10 years old couldn't include jail time. That's not allowed by California law. The punishment stated in the article: fines, becoming a ward of the state, and being placed in juvenile detention is what can be done legally.

It'll be tough for him and his family, but some people have to learn things the hard way.
if he was 18 or over, then I'd have no problem with him facing jail time. But he's not, so I've no problem with what the prosecution could do as stated in the article.

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