$2 Million Dark Knight Themed Theater


Jul 19, 2008
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Truly amazing, if only I had this kind of money!


A $2 million dollar “Dark Knight” themed custom home theater is being built at a home in Greenwich, Connecticut. The builder, Elite Home Theater Seating, says the structure includes a Batmobile, batsuits, 180” film screen, winged gargoyles, private cylindrical stainless steel elevator with a glowing bat symbol, a secret tunnel exit, bat computers, and race-car inspired home theater chairs. The design is authentic down to the smallest detail. The 12,000 square foot house emulates Wayne Manor, including a study where a bust of William Shakespeare is used to reveal elevator doors. A real fingerprint scan is required to gain access to the Dark Knight home theater. There are 6 Batman suits in the theater, as well as a 15′ replica of the Batmobile.
WOW that is crazy, looks really cool. Crazy that all that costs $2million dollars, it is alot though. I'd like to watch TDKR there lol
When I am rich I will have one of these ! ;)
Lame, I bet that tumbler doesn't even have a proper turbine boosted jump mode. ;)
When I built my home theatre my tumbler will be full life size and used for that exit tunnel.

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