2021 Superhero Hype Awards General Discussion

Votes are tallied. Just gotta do a few things and hopefully post results tonight. Which would be whenever the first born goes to bed, lol
Hey guys, so good news and bad news:

Good news - Trophies are done! Yay!

Bad news - Results posting will be tomorrow. Unfortunate reality of parent hood is sometimes the kids have rough days. The wife had a C section just over 2 weeks ago for the birth of our 2nd child, and cannot lift anything, so for the next 4-6 weeks I am basically in charge of taking care of the older daughter cause the wife isn't allowed to lift her at all. Let's just say that today is not one of her better days, so we gotta move this thing to tomorrow after the 1st born goes to bed.

But most of the heavy stuff is done! Now I just have to sit down and host a show! See ya'll tomorrow.

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