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A *very* short story.


Aug 25, 2005
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"Did he not tell you?"

His left eye twitched. This was a good sign, at least he knew as much as I did.

I let out a soft sigh, long enough to keep conversation off as I got out of my chair and walked to the window at the other side of the room. The empty room, well, almost empty. I had a bed. Everyone needs a bed.

Even a monster like me, we all need our sleep right?

"You're not needed anymore."

He was leaned over in his chair, looking at the floor, watching the puddle of his own blood ripple with each drop that fell from his busted nose.

He looked up, I caught a glimpse of his eyes, and the blood running down his chin.

I quickly turned away. You can't look into their eyes, then they know you're more. They know the truth, they know you're human.

"You didn't answer me, did he tell you, that you're being replaced?"

"Heer ol ma ah wash aired."

I walked over to him and knelt down, eye level. Still looking at the open window, I pulled out my gun and placed it against the brick I had kicked in his mouth after he went unconcious.

Horrible way to wake up, I imagine, blood trickling down your throat, teeth jammed in random places inside your mouth, jaw shattered... thank God I'm the monster.

"Don't... don't even attempt to talk, alright? Nods, that's all I need, a simple yes or no nod. Seeing you try to form words is... almost depressing."

I smiled, and pushed the gun as hard as I could against the brick wedged in his mouth. He fell over backwards, blood spraying across the floor and up the wall when his head met the cold, wood floor.

"You really pissed somone off, you know that?"

I walked around his body untill I was standing over his head.

"People don't hire me just to kill somone."

I leaned over him.

"People hire me for the fear."

I lifted my foot and brought it down as hard as I could on the brick. A loud, satisfying 'crunch' filled the room. I'm guessing it was some part of his skull, not sure.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he went limp.

"Hmm..." I said to myself while watching his chest move up, and then down. "Not dead yet, nah, won't be that easy."

I rolled him over and untied his hands. He made another noise, sounded like laughter.

"Funny, yeah?"

I grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him up to his feet. He stood steady for a few seconds, and then, just, kind of slouched over to the floor.

"Ha, yeah..."

I lifted him up again and, feet dragging, carried him over to the window.

"Long ways down." I said propping him up on the window. He sat there for a second, and then started to fall backwards.

I grabbed his shoulder, balancing him with one hand. With the other hand I reached back into my coat and pulled out my gun.

"I love these things." I said, placing the barrel under his chin.

"Makes my job so much more..."

I pulled the trigger and his head flew back as fountin of blood and bits and peices and all the things you're never supposed to see in your life exploded from the top of his head and into the water below.

"... enjoyable."

I let go of his shoulder and watched as he slowly leaned backwards, still looking towards sky. I turned around and picked up my suitcase.

The splash...

I opened the door and walked down the hallway, making sure I closed the door behind me. 3 little kids ran passed me, laughing, smiling. Parents with tan lines and bathing suits rushed past me in an attempt to catch up with their kids.

They'll go on with their little vacation and never once think about what just happened in the room next to theirs.

I'll get off this boat in a few hours and sit down with my own kids, my wife, eat my meatloaf, and cash my check in the morning.​


Thank you.

I also need a Title. :O
that was pretty good. pretty gory, but good. it would be nice to have a follow up or maybe a longer story
It would have been cool if you had made it so that when he shot the guy, he shot him through the bottom of the mouth and have the bullet miss the brain, so that he could bleed to death while choking on bits of brick and his blood.
what about "Hitman" for the title or something similar

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