Aishwarya takes up Will Smith's offer


Jul 17, 2004
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If there was one thing that Hollywood superstar Will Smith wanted, it was to meet Aishwarya Rai. Did he or didn't he get his wish?
The truth is, Ash and Will had a very private meeting together in February, during which the two hit it off like a house on fire. So strong was the chemistry between them that at the end of the hour-long meeting, Will Smith's business manager James Lassiter offered Ash the lead opposite Will Smith in a major film to be produced later this year.

The details are now being worked out. Ash's dates are being looked into. But the Will-Ash project is certainly on.

It must be remembered here that Ash was supposed to co-star with Will Smith in last year's comedy 'Hitch'. Director Andy Tennant confirmed this fact when this writer spoke to him.

This time, Will is determined to have his way. His meeting with Ash sealed the deal. Says an eyewitness to the Will-Ash meeting. "To say they hit it off instantly would be an understatement. It was clear from the start of their meeting that Ash and Will were going to be buddies. The sound of their combined laughter could be heard all the way to the ground floor. After a point it stopped looking like two internationally known actors and colleagues meeting up. Ash and Will were like two buddies cracking up at their jokes. When Will's business manager offered Ash a role she was all for it, more so when she heard the story line. Ash really likes the sound of the project."

Will's wife Jada Pankett, who couldn't accompany him because she was playing with her music band, in the US, received a beautiful Sari from Ash. "It was a lovely gesture and Will seemed so touched," said the eyewitness.

The Ash-Will project should be her next international project after Jagmohan Mundra's 'Provoked' (ready for release) and Doug Lefler's 'The Lost Legion'.
Yet she didnt take up my 'offer' when I met her last month :mad:
It might be "Tonight, He Comes," since that's been in the works for a while.
DDRSkata said:
It might be "Tonight, He Comes," since that's been in the works for a while.
Man, they should retitle that one.
haha, yeah i think they should.

is that the superhero love story one? lol
blind_fury said:
She should do a porno.

Which might be the only thing she could possibly be good at since she can't act her way out of a paper bag. :down:

One of the most overrated celebrities on the face of the Earth.
I agree with phaser, what is all the hype with her? i think shes not much better than 1000s of other models out there, and she cant act.
People just want her in their movies because she's gorgeous, they dont care about her acting that much.
she's not a horrible actress either. she's as good as the majority of people in hollywood.
karea07 said:
she's not a horrible actress either. she's as good as the majority of people in hollywood.

She is a horrible actress. I can name at least 30 different actresses that would wipe the floor clean with her when it comes to acting.
If the movie is going to be a Bollywood production with Will Smith breaking out in song and dance, then hook it up.
Equinox said:
**** Aishwarya Rai...She sucks

Was this sentence intentional ?


With those lips, you better believe it. :o
hunter rider said:
Was this sentence intentional ?

Yeah :D .. Im Indian too and I know she cant act for nuts :down

She doesnt like to kiss on screen and do any nudity.. So who really cares :p

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