All New, All Different Marvel NOW, or whatever x DC Rebirth

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Mar 30, 2006
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Round 2639 - ongoing
Tigra x Wildcat
Tim Drake x Wally West
Magni x Thor Girl x Thunderstrike
Deadshot x Deathstroke
Marvel Boy x Starfire
Jesse Custer x Bigby Wolf
Tom Holland's/Spider-Man's Breakout Scene in Captain America: Civil War x Gal Gadot's/Wonder Woman's Breakout Scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Jubilee x Boom Boom
Captain Marvel x Starfire
Captain Marvel x Supergirl
Wally West x Barry Allen
Tempest x Jackson Hyde
Batman Eternal x Batman & Robin Eternal
Hawkeye x Hawkman
Kasper Cole x Shuri
Thor x Wolverine
Lorelei x The Enchantress
The Maestro
x Dark Beast
Spider-Man 2099 x Batwoman
Spider-Woman x Batwoman
Spider-Woman x Batgirl
The Hulk x Doctor Doom
Red Tornado x A.M.A.Z.O.
Jim Hammond x Red Tornado
Orb x 8-Ball
Super Adaptoid x Awesome Android
Ted Kord x Blue Beetle
Deadman x The Spectre
Sleepwalker x Nightmare
Glory Grant x Cat Grant
Old Man Logan x Time-Displaced Jean Grey
Cassandra Cain x The Huntress
Phoenix x Scarlet Witch
The Beetle x Golden Glider
Blue Beetle x Booster Gold
Boomerang x Captain Boomerang
Korvac x Krona
Scarlet Witch x Starfire
Linda Park x Iris West
The Wizard x Maxwell Lord
Maggie Sawyer x Renee Montoya
The Eradicator x Cyborg Superman x Steel
Superboy's Original Costume x Superboy's Teen Titans Costume x Superboy's New 52 Costume
Superboy, Young Smallville Clark Kent
x Superboy, Superman's Clone x Superboy, Superman's Son, Jon
Inhumans x Swamp Thing
Kaine x Jason Todd
Iris West x Patty Spivot
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
x Spider-Man: Edge of Time
Kitty Pryde x Tim Drake
Colossus x Star-Lord
Kitty Pryde x Nightwing
Shathra x Ero
Ms. Marvel x Blue Beetle
Ms. Marvel x Spider-Man
Wolverine x Mystique
Black Lightning x Zatanna
Mystique x Catwoman
Red Hood x Red Arsenal
Mystique x Cheetah
Bane x Black Mask
Adam Strange x Hawkman
Mystique x Bane
Scarlet Witch
x Madame Xanadu
Angel/Archangel x Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman
Rick Flagg
x Steve Trevor
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice x Suicide Squad
Calvin Ellis x Icon
Mystique x Deathstroke
The Totally AWESOME Hulk, DUDE! errgh... x Wally West (New 52)
Iron Man x Captain Marvel
Vixen x Bronze Tiger
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 x Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Hydro-Man x Firefly
Squirrel Girl x The Creeper
Absorbing Man x Giganta
Fantastic Four x Wonder Woman
The Ventriloquist x The Mad Hatter
Hugo Strange x James Gordon, Jr.
White Rabbit x Mad Hatter
Skein x Killer Moth
The Ventriloquist x Toyman
Misty Knight x Vixen
Titania x Giganta
The Thing x Wonder Woman
Black Racer x Black Flash
Black Flash x Johnny Quick
The Rival x Professor Zoom
Zoom x Godspeed
Reverse-Flash x Inertia
Black Flash x Professor Zoom
x Reverse-Flash
Professor Zoom x Zoom
Hulk from EMH x Superboy from YJ
Flash Thompson x Lana Lang
Ray Palmer x Ted Kord
Scott Lang x Ryan Choi
Amadeus Cho x Ryan Choi
Amadeus Cho x Super-Man
Robbie Reyes x Simon Baz
Simon Baz x Jessica Cruz
Fantastic Four x Superman
x Abra Kadabra
Death x Hela
Electro x Poison Ivy
Inertia x Match
Doctor Octopus x Two-Face
Sandman x Hydro-Man
Fantastic Four x Justice Society of America
Two-Face x Bane
Fenris Wolf
x Hrimhari
William DeFoe's Green Goblin x Jack Nichloson's Joker
Superman: The Movie's theme
x Superman: The Animated Series' theme
Lady Deathstrike x Lady Shiva
Riri Williams x Hack
Captain Atom x New 52 Captain Atom
Bullseye x Bane
Starfox x Doctor Light
Psylocke x Deathstroke
New Mutants x Young Justice
Captain Britain x Captain Atom
Meggan x Plastique
Black Tom Cassidy
x Maxwell Lord
Starfox x Lightray
Captain Britain
x Psylocke
x The Outsiders
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor x Jared Leto as the Joker
The Night Gwen Stacy Died x Death in the Family
Beta Ray Bill x Kilowog
Daimon Hellstrom x Blue Devil
Iron Fist
x Aquaman
Thunderbolt Ross x Rick Flag
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Tigra has tiger paws. :eek:
Wildcat has massive fists. :eek:

I'll choose DC.
The Winner of Round 2639 has ended in a TIE (4-4)




DC Round - Round 2640
Tim Drake x Wally West

Wally West.

I have never found Tim Drake all that interesting.
I love Tim, but I regard Wally higher than any of the Bat family.
The Winner of Round 2640 is...Wally West (3-8)




Marvel Round - Round 2641
Magni x Thor Girl x Thunderstrike

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