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Amazing Sand Castles

I watched a show one Saturday afternoon a couple of months ago, where they teamed up talented sand castle builders. They had a certain time period to build their previously agreed upon designs, all from sand-piles that had all been prepared in the same size and fashion. Every 30 minutes or so, they did a drawing with a bingo/ping-pong ball type setup. If they drew the number of the team, they then proceeded to blow their sand castle up and that team had to start all over again, using their second design. It was pretty amazing what they were doing with sand.

They should make some sand porn on a public beach and see what kind of reaction they get.
Strange said:
They should make some sand porn on a pubic beach and see what kind of reaction they get.


:eek: I love the one with the dragon:up:
That is freakin cool,but what the hell is this?:eek:
How do they get them up like that without stepping on them?
:eek:.................I'm speechless as I stare in awe............:eek:
I've never seen sand castles so beautiful! Can you even call them sand castles?!
I would SO kick them over and make them cry. :mad:
Leto Atrides said:
Beat you to it :p Though I didn't actually edit the pic.
Yeah, I just saw the post and decided to edit it.
I think they should test those builders for steriods and other performance enhancing drugs. I demand it!

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